Aert van der Neer, Winter Landscape with Skater and Colf Players

Winter Landscape with Skater and Colf Players (about 1655), by Aert van der Neer (about 1603 - 1677)

Aert van der Neer specialised in painting moonlight scenes and winter landscapes. In his view he managed to capture the subtle effects of light and colour in the wintry climate. A large number of people have gathered on the frozen river for entertainment. Some are ice skating of playing a game of colf while others are enjoying a leisurely stroll with their family members and pet dogs.

Although a windmill can be seen at right, this view is probably imaginary and does nog depict a particular location.

Oil on panel. 56 x 71 cm. Signed in monogram and dated: AVDN 1645

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology, Oxford (WA1998.52). Accepted by H.M. Government in lieu of Inheritance Tax from the estate of Elizabeth Alys Sandars and allocated to the Ashmolean Museum, 1998.


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Source: Anna Koldeweij


• Afbeelding in groter formaat, met enkele retoucheerbare reflecties (zie bijlage; jpg, 2.45 MB)