Aert van der Neer, Riviergezicht bij winter

Riviergezicht bij winter uit de periode 1630 - 1660 door Aert van der Neer (1603 - 1677).

Gezicht op een bevroren vaart met op het ijs colfspelers en schaatsers. Aan de linkeroever een kerk en huizen, aan de rechterzijde enkele boerderijen.

Olieverf op doek. 55,5 x 64 cm. Initialen in monogram op object.


…; ? collection P.J.F. Vrancken (1757-1833), Lokeren;{Nieuwenhuys 1834, p. 165.} ? from whom, fr. 3,000, to the dealer Christianus Johannes Nieuwenhuys (1799-1883), Amsterdam and London, 1825;{Nieuwenhuys 1834, p. 165: ‘39. Winter. Canvas; height 21¼ inches, width 24½. A frozen canal, where several persons are assembled, forms the point of view in this picture. Every season brings its peculiar amusements: thus men, women and children are seen diverting themselves on the ice, some in skating, some on sledges, and others playing at bat and ball. Some isolated trees on the border of the canal, although bereft of their foliage, embellish the scene by the elegance of their forms. In the distance is a village, its dwellings half hidden beneath the snow. The frosty atmosphere is depicted with remarkable talent. (…) It comes from the Collection of Mr Vranken in Lokeren, and I gave him 3,000 francs for it in 1825. £98. 14s. Now in the Cabinet of Henry Bevan, Esq.’} ? from whom, to Henry Bevan, Esquire;{See the previous Note.} …; sale, Sir Edward J. Dean Paul (†, Cambridge House, Twickenham), London (Christie’s), 27 June 1896, no. 93, ₤1,228.10, to the dealer M. Colnaghi;{According to the catalogue for the sale, Charles T.D. Crews, London (Christie’s), 1 June 1915, no. 49: ‘From the collection of Sir E.J. Dean Paul, Bart., 1896. Exhibited at the New Gallery winter exhibition 1907-08’. According to the Times, 29 June 1896, unpag., ‘A very good example of A. van der Neer (…) was sold for 1,170 guineas (M. Colnaghi)’.} sale, Charles T.D. Crews (1839-1915, Portman Square, London), London (Christie’s), 1 June 1915, no. 49,{The painting is illustrated in the catalogue.} $5,510, to P. and D. Colnaghi;{New York Times, 3 June 1915, unpag; GRI, acc. no. 81780591, Colnaghi records, 1894-1959, picture stock books, fiche no. 12, inv. no. A499.} from whom, £ 2,940, to the dealer F. Muller, Amsterdam, 9 Augustus 1915;{GRI, acc. no. 81780591, Colnaghi records, 1894-1959, picture stock books, fiche no. 12, inv. no. A499.}; Hofstede de Groot VII, 1918, p. 487.}…; collection Michiel Onnes (1878-1972), Kasteel Nijenrode;{Hofstede de Groot VII, 1918, p. 487; Hofstede de Groot Notes, RKD.} …; dealer Jacques Goudstikker, November 1920;{Dealer cat. Goudstikker 1920, no. 78, as Paysage d’hiver avec canal gelé (ill.). The wax seal of the Goudstikker firm is on the back of the frame.} …; collection Hendricus Egbertus ten Cate, (1868-1955), Almelo, 1930;{Hofstede de Groot Notes, RKD.} …; collection Sir Henri W.A. Deterding (1866-1939); by whom donated to the museum with XX other paintings, 1936

Rijksmuseum (SK-A-3256). Schenking van de heer H.W.A. Deterding, Londen


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Bron: Robert Bargmann