Aert van der Neer, Beugelen, 'Kolven door den beugel'. 1649

English, Nederlands


Evening Game of ‘Kolven door den beugel’ in a Dutch Village, 1649. Aert van der Neer

The serene mood permeating the painting is still enhanced by the golden light of the setting sun. People amuse themselves and rest; two men with clubs are playing ‘kolf door den beugel’.

An unusual kind of very impressive lighting in the represented landscapes was this artist´s speciality.

Oil on oak panel. 42 x 70 cm. Inscription: AV DN. 1649

National Gallery Prague (O 123;1843: given by Josef K.E. Hoser)


'Kolven door den beugel', door Aert van der Neer, 1649

Olieverf op paneel. 42 x 70 cm. Gesigneerd, gedateerd

National Galery Praag (O 123; 1843: given by Josef K.E. Hoser)

Bron: Stichting NGA Early Golf, Do Smit


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