Adam van Breen, Winter Scenery with skaters and kolf players

Winterlandschap met kolfspelers, Winter Scenery with skaters and kolf players, by Adam van Breen (Den Haag ca 1585 - between 1642 and1648 Christiana (Oslo)

Olieverf op koper, oil on copper. Gesigneerd met monogram AVB, signed with monogram AVB. 24,4 x 39,6 cm

Winter scenes with fashionable skaters and kolf players are a favourite subject of Adam van Breen, although he also painted harbour and garden scenes and portraits. His work is rare and comparatively little is known about his life.

Adam van Breen worked in The Hague from circa 1611 to circa 1618, the year in which he painted 'The Vijverberg, The Hague, in winter, with Prince Maurits and his retinue in the foreground' (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam). That year van Breen also published 'De Nassausche wapen-handelinge van Schilt, Spies, Rappier ende Targe', a military training manual inspired by Prince Maurits's reform of the Dutch army.

Van Breen was in Amsterdam in the mid 1620s. From circa 1624 her worked in Christiana (Oslo), Norway, where he painted portraits. Van Breen died in Christiana sometime between 1642 and 1648.

The work of Adam van Breen is represented in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, and the Gemeentemuseum and the Haags Historisch Museum, The Hague.

Particuliere collectie, private collection

Foto:Jan de Groot,

Bron: Michiel Eijkman


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