Beugelen , Colven. Pétangue, Kegelen, Tollen, Vogels schieten, Boogschieten, Steltlopen

English, Nederlands


A boy with a mallet (4), drives a tennis-sized wooden ball (the 'boule') to an iron ring (5). The ring, adjustable in height, was mounted on a pivot in the manner of cloish or ringball, The stroke which was played to a target raised several inches above the playing surface , would have been extremely difficult. A pivot placed in the middle of the alley was a feature of some malls.

Orbis Sensualium Pictus (The Visible World, first edition 1657), a woodcut illustration from the text by Johann Amos Comenius.

University Library, Glasgow, England


We zien de volgende spellen uitgebeeld:

1 - Pétangue ('jeu des boules')

2 en 3 - Kegelen

4 - Colven

5 - Beugelen

6 en 7 - Tollen

8 - Vogels schieten

9 - Boogschieten

10 - Steltlopen


 Golf through the ages by Michael Flannery, page 154. January 2004